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For over 4 years, the xoNecole ‘Boss Up’ article series has profiled over 100 women led businesses and celebrated the girl bosses that lead them. We're excited to put the spotlight on these women in real life at the ElevateHER Crawl.


These women have overcome unbelievable obstacles, left the comfort of their stable careers and sacrificed blood sweat and tears to pursue their passions and chase their dreams of entrepreneurship. There's no better way to uplift their hard work than to give them a platform to showcase the value of their endeavors.


These women, and others striving to follow in their footsteps, need resources and tools to grow their endeavors. xoNecole is on a mission to elevate opportunities for women of color entrepreneurs, so that as they remain the fastest growing economic force in the US they can grow to levels that begin to shift the culture as a whole .

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