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ElevateHER featured 3 real talk panel discussions, a pitch contest, 28 phenomenal women-owned businesses, hundreds of excited and ambitious attendees, and an inspiring vibe so contagious that every woman gladly caught and spread the love. 


Watch the recap videos and experience it all for yourself. 

Yesss, high fives and applause for funding your business on your own. But now what? During this panel discussion, 3 powerhouse women in the beauty industry shared their stories of struggle and success. They dropped nuggets on how they went from whipping up products in their living rooms to landing six-figure deals, major partnerships and acquisitions. Watch now.


Featured panelists: Alicia Scott (Range Beauty), Shavone Riggins (Curlkalon), and Janelle Stephens (Camille Rose Naturals)

QUICK … you have about 30 seconds to pitch your business – will you sink or swim? Tune is as 4 women business owners dive into the steps for creating a captivating elevator pitch that sparks interest, builds partnerships and gets your brand the media exposure it deserves. 


Featured panelists: Ezinne Kwubiri (Head of Culture & Diversity at H&M), Pauleanna Reid (Senior Contributor at, Christina Rice (Founder, Omnoire), and Tamisha Harris (Producer, HLN/CNN)

FACT: Having the right pitch can get you PAID. Watch now to hear expert feedback from our panelists and to see 5 audience members hit the stage to deliver their pitches and one lucky winner was surprised with an H&M gift card.

Featured pitch contestants: Jordan Mills (Style Your Story), OlanikeeOsi (Selfish Babe), Markisha Guillot (Run from Sin Apparel), Pamela Hibler (Tech Mae) & Jamila Tarisai (Iconic Bride Magazine)

The entire room went from twerking to cheering when Hollywood Producer, Will Packer, hit the stage and congratulated women in the audience for putting the work in to manifest their dreams. Tune in to find out the driving force behind his billion-dollar success and the 3 things he says you must do to prep your business for investors.

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When your career, relationships or even life in general, doesn’t go as planned, do you sit with a lapful of regrets or do you pivot? In this heart-wrenching, intimate conversation xoNecole founder Necole Kane reveals how her choice to pivot from running a celebrity gossip blog to a creating a platform that empowers and uplifts women opened up unimaginable opportunities for her.


In this moving, moderated discussion, Necole shares how she rebranded to xoNecole so she could fulfill her purpose and support other women as they do the same. 

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